Friend Mailer

Friend Mailer 1.12

Private email communications and file share

Friend Mailer is private email communications software for home and office use. It transparently encrypts all the data transmitted over Internet and saved on hard disk - messages text, attachments and even reply-to headers. There is no need to remember or transmit any passwords and no user intervention is required. In addition each user account can be protected by its own password.

Screenshot Friend Mailer is very useful if you need to send or share large number of pictures, movies, mp3 and other files. It can run unattended at scheduled intervals to get new mail and send queued messages. Email attachments are extracted and saved on disk automatically.

Friend Mailer is equipped with image viewer and junk mail (SPAM) filter capable of discarding HTML messages and/or messages from certain regions. Friend Mailer recognizes large number of international character sets and translates them accordingly.

Main Features:

  • Safe and easy file-share mode
  • All data is transmitted over Internet in encrypted form
  • Saved email messages are always kept on disk encrypted
  • Email attachments can be saved on disk either decoded or encrypted
  • Transparent encryption/decryption without user intervention
  • Each user account can be password protected
  • SOCKS proxy servers support
  • Unattended operations

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Friend Mailer


Friend Mailer 1.12

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